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Sustainability aspect


"We don't saw on the branch we're sitting on."

In our company plant we work responsibly and for sustainable development.

The continuous improvement of the chrome plating processes contributes, among other things, to the economic future orientation.

To achieve this, we try to minimize or even avoid waste of auxiliary and operating materials in our environmentally friendly production. Where this is not possible, we recycle our materials in our plant wherever possible. Thus, not only valuable raw materials are conserved, but also energy is saved.

The continuous development of our optimized processes enables us to provide efficient and resource-saving surface treatment of the workpieces



Engagement for sustainability:

+ Our company supports the use of the chemicals we use to manufacture the parts to be chrome-plated beyond their life cycle. These chemicals and resources are used as efficiently as possible.

+ We support the goal of working in a resource- and environmentally responsible way.

+ The above-mentioned strategy is the future: recycling management.


Zeichnung Kreissäge in der Kreislaufwirtschaft

Raw material

Manufacture of the workpiece

Surface treatment

Purpose of use

Wear and tear 

scrap metal

Completion of the workpiece

+ We are a part of this circular economy.

+ The generated waste is disposed of by certified companies.

+ The used rinsing water is fed back into our processes, thus reducing water consumption.

+ We promote the longevity of the materials.

+ Our commitment to sustainability is observed by every employee and is internalized in our entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

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